What is a Damaskblade?

Damaskblade or damascus / damascene-blades as it is known in English is the blade with excellent quality, produced after a special process in which, inter alia, mix different matrial and the bay that resulted steel is several times (pattern-welding). This is a process that has developed among others in the old japan and resuterar of steel by both the extremely high quality and aesthetic beauty. Damscus The name comes from the town of Damscus in the Middle East that is very well known for the blades as they made during the Middle Ages.

Our Damascus steel is of highest quality compared to all other Damascus steel in the world. The base of our Damascus is bespoke knife steel Rwl34. Our damascus steel also becomes Stainless when we hardens the steel and heat it exceeding 1080 degrees Celsius.

It is the company Damasteel in Sweden who produce the steel blank to us. This is a damascus steel that requires a two-ton hammer when it is forged, this also excludes the that a “village blacksmith” can produce such a leaf. Our damascus blade is made ​​to be used, they do not rust-like carbon steel damascus do.

Rose = 120 layers
Twis = 160 layer
Northlight = 160 layers
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